Global conveyor systems and components specialist, ROXON, has announced the release of its new range of wear protection products for the mining industry. ROXDUR utilises the latest wear material technology and innovative manufacturing processes to create a truly unique range of wear products.

With operating facilities in Finland, Sweden and Australia, ROXON specialises in conveyor systems and components and has over 50 years’ experience servicing the global mining industry.

The ROXDUR product has been developed on the back of research and development from the ROXON engineering team and uses a unique composite material that combines extreme hardness to minimise abrasive wear and iron matrix technology to absorb impact. The metallurgical bond between the cemented carbide and iron matrix gives a composite material with very high-quality adhesion to the cemented carbide.

The ROXDUR iron-matrix technology is unprecedented in the industry and can extend the life of fixed plant mining equipment up to 20 times longer than other products.

ROXON has three global patents pending for the ROXDUR range of products.

The ROXDUR product range includes welding segments, edge liners and wear plates and is suitable for all low to heavy duty mining applications.

In order satisfy the needs of its global customer base, ROXON has developed a standard range of wear plates with a thickness of 30-50 millimetres. There are also opportunities to customize these depending on the application.

ROXDUR Product Manager Oskar Larsson highlighted the importance of high-quality wear products in the mining industry “productivity losses and unplanned downtime due to wear-related breakdowns costs mining companies’ significant amounts of time and money each year. The use of wear resistant products is crucial to everyday operations, particularly in hard rock mining”

“ROXDUR is a premium product that has the best durability on the market. We started developing it in 2018 and realised fairly quickly that we needed to combine the durable, but relatively brittle cemented carbide with some toughness to get the best of both worlds in a whole new material” he added.

“We are really excited with the new product. When compared to a standard plate of 500 Brinell, we have between 10-15 sometimes 20 times longer life. This will make a huge difference for our customers” said Mr. Larsson.

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