Belt rip detection can be a convoluted process, it requires identifying the symptoms of belt damage which can often be so subtle they are overlooked until too late. Once these symptoms are identified there is a long process of inspecting the belt to identify where the damage originates. This process often halts production for extended times and is largely avoidable with the right equipment.

The HX270 combines the knowledge of ROXON’s conveyor specialist and quality componentry to produce a proactive belt detection system that simplifies belt inspections and promotes healthy belt maintenance.

Symptoms of Belt Damage

Belt damage is almost always unrecognisable to the human eye during production and is often missed until catastrophic failures occur, which can lead to unscheduled downtime and lost production.

HX270 utilises advanced optical 3D belt surface scanning on both sides of the belt to quickly identify belt damage symptoms such as:

  • Longitudinal or transverse cracks
  • Rocks temporary plugging holes in the belt
  • Material spillage and build up around pulleys.
  • Fresh marks
  • Exposed wires
  • Splices opening.


Assessing root cause and progress of Belt Damage

Once maintenance is aware of belt damage the task of identifying the root cause and the progression of belt damage can begin. HX270 simplifies this process through continuous monitoring of the belt via a 3D scanner, measuring every progression of damage from its last rotation. If damage is considered critical the HX270 drives the damaged belt to a predetermined maintenance inspection area. The maintenance crew can evaluate the damage to the belt and scheduled downtime in advance rather than risking an emergency belt failure, or safety risk.


Proactive Maintenance

HX270 provides strong benefits in both the event that belt damage occurs and as a proactive monitoring tool. During production, HX270 automatically records and stores data of existing belt damage, which users can obtain within a couple of mouse clicks. This is an invaluable tool for maintenance crews, who can focus on other tasks knowing HX270 is closely monitoring the belt.

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