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Achieve additional tonnes per hour with ROXON

Modernisation is a crucial tool for ROXON customers, providing support on-site and upgrading previously installed ROXON equipment. Recently, the team overhauled a radial stacker for a client in Sweden, which increased the stackers capacity per hour by 600 tons. Modernisation is the process of refurbishing existing conveyor systems with new innovative solutions and products, whilst […]

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ROXON-rullien valmistusta Hollolassa

Valmistamme  laadukkaita kuljetinrullia omassa tehtaassamme Hollolassa. Tuotantotilaa tehtaallamme on 600m2 ja tuotantomme on rakennettu niin, että se palvelee joustavasti pääosin piensarjatuotantona. Tilausmäärälle ei ole alarajaa ja tarvittaessa kykenemme erittäin nopeaan toimitukseen. Modernit valmistusprosessit ja osaava henkilöstö varmistavat laadukkaan lopputuloksen. Ammattitaitoinen suomalainen myyntihenkilöstömme palvelee teitä löytääksenne parhaan mahdollisen tuotteen sovellukseenne.      

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Optimise your Conveyor with ROXON Aftermarket Support

The ROXON Aftermarket team is divided into three segments: Field Service, Spare Parts and Modernization. Each segment works together to complete one task; optimizing and renewing pre-established conveyor equipment, to ensure systems are running smoother, for longer. The field services team are on-site across Finland and Sweden with branches in Hollola, Lappenranta, Kemi, Kuopio and […]

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ROXON HX270 – Reduce downtime through proactive condition monitoring

One of the greatest benefits a conveyor accessory can offer is foresight, and the ability to predict an issue before it causes damage to your system. Belt damage can cause unscheduled downtime, decreased belt life and requires substantial repair work, as well as presenting serious safety risks. ROXON HX270 is a market leading online conveyor […]

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ROXON Belt Cleaners Provide an Effective Solution to Carryback

Conveyor accessories help you ensure trouble-free, reliable and safe operation of your conveyor. By choosing the right conveyor accessories, operating efficiency and the lifetime of main conveyor components and the conveyor belt can be remarkably increased. Conveyor belt cleaners are crucial to the overall performance of the conveyor system as they remove carryback materials from […]

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Supply of Crushing Circuit Equipment

ROXON supplied material handling system to a large mining facility in 2019. The target of this investment was to enhance productivity by optimizing particle size distribution in a milling process. Two smaller crushing circuits were designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by ROXON. The material handling equipment included belt feeders, silos, chutes and high incline conveyors. […]

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Durable Materials For Harsh Conditions – ROXDUR Wear Products Minimise Downtime and Maximise Productivity

Wear-resistant parts and structures are everywhere. Whatever the sector, material properties such as durability and long wear life are key to minimising maintenance downtime and reducing costs. In the mining industry, where the importance of these factors accumulates fast, it is prudent to invest in best solutions that guarantee extreme hardness and shock resistance. This […]

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ROXON’s maintenance crew roll out new van design

ROXON’s maintenance crew are now unmissable in traffic, with a brand new van design. The team assist customers in repairs and shutdowns and are experts in the daily maintenance of conveyor systems. Some of the services we offer include: Inspection Services – Technical inspections for pre and corrective maintenance Maintenance Services – Mechanical maintenance for […]

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Essential accessories for optimising a conveyor system

A conveyor is often the backbone of an efficient mine site, offering continuous transport of materials across long distances at a lower environmental impact. Although quality components are critical, it is the added benefits of safety and control devices, as well as wear protection and other accessories that optimise the conveyor system. With various options […]

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Reduce Maintenance Requirements with ROXDUR Wear Resistant Technology

In any industry with heavy machinery, there is an inevitable conflict between the processed materials and the machines capacity to withstand high volumes. The mining industry encounters this conflict more so than any other; breaking, excavating, hauling and transporting some of the Earth’s strongest raw material. The sheer mass of this material is enough to […]

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