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Working around the clock with optical vision

In modern day production processes, material flow efficiency is key. At the same time, proactive maintenance of conveyor systems has become a way to improve profitability and delivery reliability. An automated conveyor belt monitoring system based on optical 3D measurement technology provides the most benefits. ROXON Product Manager Markus Luoma explains how automated conveyor belt […]

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ROXON Australia commissions bespoke crushing and screening plant for Lima South Quarry

ROXON Australia has assisted Australian aggregate producer Lima South Quarry in doubling its production capacity with the design and installation of a new $15 million advanced fixed crushing and screening plant. The new plant will be completed in October and will support the operations future growth plans. Lima South Quarry is a family owned and […]

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ROXON enters Australian materials handling market

ROXON has recently launched its entire range of market leading materials handling solutions into the Australian market. The entry into the Australian market comes on the back of the recent acquisition of ROXON by Australian engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organisation NEPEAN. Previously owned by Sandvik, NEPEAN purchased the ROXON business in November 2017. […]

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Därför fokuserar de på kommunikation och relationer

Det finns företag som anlitas av samma kunder år efter år och ofta vinner upphandlingarna även när offerterna ser ganska lika ut. Vi har pratat med ROXON, som levererar till några av Sveriges största gruv- och industriaktörer, för att ta reda på vad deras hemlighet är.

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ROXON Belt Conveyor bridges on the road

Transportation of 3 extra long and wide belt conveyor structures through Finland took place earlier this week.

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Automatisk bandövervakning med 3D-skanning sparar miljoner

Transportband som går sönder kan leda till produktionsstopp och förluster på flera miljoner kronor. Idag använder många företag därför bandövervakningssystemet Roxon HX270 på sina mest kritiska transportsträckor, däribland gruvbolaget LKAB.

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ROXON’s Baltic expertise

ROXON has again been in the press. Dry Cargo International published an article about ROXON’s expertice around Baltic. During the long history of the company ROXON has delivered plenty of equipment to the ports and plants located by both Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia. Recently ROXON modernized the HL700 type shiploader in Gävle Port, […]

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HC100 travelling around the world

Containers full of HC100 belt conveyors are being dispatched to the other side of the world. New crushing plant will take place in Victoria, Australia.

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Interview of Miles Fuller in Materia-magazine

Latest Materia-magazine, the publication of Finnish Association of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, presents a story based on an interview of Miles Fuller, NEPEAN CEO. This story opens up the mining business in Australia to its Finnish readers together with his thoughts about the future.

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Diverter chute installation

Even -30C can not stop ROXON to serve our clients.

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