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A quick guide to wear plates in the mining industry and how they compare with ROXDUR

Conveyor systems work with a wide range of raw materials. And these are often not very easy to handle. They are hard, abrasive and move at high velocities causing wear and tear. At the very least, this wear and tear can become a source of constant maintenance. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause a […]

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ROXON opens new specialist conveyor components facility in Kemi

Last week at ROXON, we celebrated the opening of our new facility in Kemi, in northern Finland. The office will host the conveyor components and service teams alongside our belt condition monitoring business. The site will act as a logistical hub, office space and workshop to help better serve our customers across the region. Operations […]

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Disaster avoided with the help of ROXON HX270 belt condition monitoring

A major Scandinavian mining company decided to invest in HX270 for a second time after being satisfied by its performance since its initial installation in 2015. The second investment included 5 belt monitoring modules for two critical conveyors and was completed in 2019.  . The new conveyors are approximately 630 m long with a capacity […]

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Top 5 benefits of investing in belt condition monitoring

Mining is a particularly complicated sector with its equipment, risks, safety concerns and service environment. The installation and maintenance of mining equipment are expensive as well. The large majority of operating costs is related to maintenance. Mining companies spend anywhere from 30 to 50 per cent of their annual operating expenses on mining equipment maintenance. […]

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Material Handling Project to Pori Deep Harbour in Finland

The ROXON projects team recently delivered a material handling project to Pori Deep Harbour, one of the largest and most advanced ports in Finland. The delivery included the design, manufacture and installation phases and commissioning. The project personnel have included some of the same people as ROXON´s earlier delivery to the same site decades ago […]

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How to protect equipment against wear and abrasion

The bulk materials handling industry faces some unique challenges due to the nature of its operations. The equipment and systems used to process materials face some of the harshest environments in the world. Crushers, conveyors, and feeders transport and process some of the Earth’s hardest materials, creating an inevitable issue around wear and abrasion. These […]

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Reduce maintenance requirements with proactive conveyor belt maintenance

Belt rip detection can be a convoluted process, it requires identifying the symptoms of belt damage which can often be so subtle they are overlooked until too late. Once these symptoms are identified there is a long process of inspecting the belt to identify where the damage originates. This process often halts production for extended […]

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Going above and beyond in Conveyor Maintenance Services

ROXON recently conducted a routine maintenance on multiple conveyors for a customer in Finland. Prior to the inspection, the customer was experiencing a higher-than-average failure rate on the pulley bearings, causing unnecessary and expensive shutdowns.   ROXON worked with the customer to plan a full-service repair during a two-week shutdown including servicing chutes, belt cleaners, side sealings and adjusting the frames of idlers.   Upon […]

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ROXON joins Euro Mine Connect

ROXON recently participated in Euromine 2021, the digital conference for the mining industry of Europe.   The event celebrates cutting edge technology and provides a platform for mining industry representatives to share ideas and innovation from their home or office.   We were proud to exhibit our latest innovations in conveyor structures and components, and […]

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ROXON Consulting – Supporting Decision Making

ROXON supports clients in all phases of a project, not only as equipment suppliers but also in the implementation and best practices of the entire conveyor system. No matter if it’s equipment delivery, belt changes, new material handling systems or even consulting during the feasibility stage, ROXON is there for its customers. ROXON’s conveyor system […]

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