Tuomas Eskeli worked as a Summer Trainee at ROXON.


I’m 22 years old student and studying mechanical engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology. I have studied now two years and this summer I have been here at ROXON a Summer Trainee. This summer has been really warm, and I have noticed it here at the office. Air conditioning could not really catch the heat wave. Sometimes during the heat, I thought I would rather be on the beach than in the office. Some weeks here was pretty quiet, because so many were on their vacations. Otherwise summer has gone well, and I have enjoyed my time here.

I sent my job application to ROXON when I heard that they could have a job for me. I am from Lahti and it was easy come to work to this region. Industry that ROXON represents, was little familiar to me, because last summer I was working for Sandvik Lahti. When I have been here, I have been able to know what material handling for example in mines and ports is. I have been able to follow all the time what it is like to work with projects here. I have looked at the old projects and that way found out what conveyors, feeders, reclaimers and stackers for real are.

During the summer I have done and updated reference list about all equipment from past years. I did also “1-page references”. They are project presentations from last 10 years that ROXON has supplied around the world. I have also worked with AutoCAD in which I have updated old drawings with new company names and logos.


Tuomas Eskeli