HL800 Shiploader is standardized for movable shiploading applications. It is an optimal solution for multi-purpose quay and vessel sizes under 30 000 dwt. HL800 is independently moving shiploader with luffing boom and it is fed by a link conveyor. Remote control enables flexible operating.

Flexible Relocation

HL800 Shiploader travels on rubber tires and has five (5) different driving modes. It can be moved to parking position when not used for shiploading.

Designed with Safety in Mind

HL800 Shiploader is equipped with electrical and mechanical safety devices to protect operators and structures for damage. The Shiploader is supplied according to European Machine Directive.

Available Options

Automatic lubrication, dust suppression system, operators cabin, ATEX classifaction, different loading chutes and preassembly for faster installation.

Key specifications

Capacity (1.7t/ m³)t/h up to 2000
Belt width mm1000 / 1200
Boom outreach mmax 17
Boom angle deg8-15 (operation) / Max 19 (for moving only)
Vessel size DWTup to 30000

Equipment in use

HL800 Shiploader in Action

HL800 Shiploader Details

HL800 Shiploader Close-Up