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Safety and Control Devices

ES5 Emergency Stop Switches

The pull cord emergency switch, ES5, is suitable for hard conditions and when cord break-downs must be detected. The ES5 emergency switch meets international requirements. The ES5 system operates when pulling the cord in any direction. The control of the cord tension is arranged reliably. The indicator lamp lights up when the switch has been activated making switch monitoring easier in the field conditions.

ES10 Rotation Detector

Rotation detector stops the belt conveyor when the speed lowers under the nominated minimun speed. Lowering of the speed is always caused by some disturbances in operation conditions and the conveyor must be stopped to clear up the disturbance. In larger conveyor systems the equipment and the conveyors before this belt conveyor will usually stop also. Belt rotation detector ES10 is meant to be installed to the return idler support. Thus are avoided the problems of the  rotation detector situated on the end of the traditional tail pulley (for ex. rubbing the pulley into the material, often the long cabling ways to the tail pulley). Installation to the conveyor leg or other frame construction is easy. Placing near the drive-end will reduct the guiding cablings on long belt conveyors

ES20 Belt Misaglinment Switch

The purpose of the belt misalignment switch is to give a warning or/and stop the belt conveyor when the belt has moved too much sideways (during the operation that the belt or the structures nearby could be damaged). The switch is normally used with the upper belt, but in unstable conditions in long conveyors, it can also be used with the return belt. The type of belt misalignment switch for normal applications is ES20, where the lever arm of the switch turns perpendicularly sideways. In applications where the conveyed material can go over the upper belt’s edge, it is recommended to use an ES21 type switch. In this type, the lever arm turns 45 degrees in relation to the belt.

ES40 Level Limit Switch

The level limit switch is used for the upper limit controlling of powders, grain and crushed materials, as well as for jam alarms on conveyors and discharge chutes.
The sturdy metal box contains a ball-operated micro switch. The switch is opened when the sensor rod reaches an indication of 17 degrees-informing of a blockage or a level limit. The level limit package includes the switch, the plastic coated cord and the steel pipe with a wing plate. The wing plates enhance the swing movement especially with fine materials. The sensor rod can be shortened to the right length at assembly.

HX235 Blockage Detector

HX235 is a membrane switch type of blockage detector. It is designed for the control of bulk material surface level in belt conveyor chutes and silos. The purpose of  the blockage detector is to stop the feeding device and to prevent a bigger jam and the damages caused by that. In case of blockage, bulk material presses against the membrane and the spring loaded metal plate turns away from the sensing range of the inductive sensor.

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