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SU idler brackets are designed for small capacities and narrow belts. A suitable bracket type from the selection may be optimised, depending on the unit weight and volume of the material to be conveyed. SU brackets are suitable for roller diameters D89 and D108 shaft diameter being d20. Standard SU brackets are dimensioned for 2 rollers, but on request, they are available for 3 rollers.


The idler bracket SK is designed for the standard flange widths in Europe. The gap between the main support and the rotating parts is according to the European safety regulations. The optimized profile steel structure provides a high load capacity – weight ratio. SK bracket improves the centering of the belt as the side idlers are tilted forward. Fixing to the flange is done either by friction fittings or by screws. The standard surface treatment is hot galvanizing. Hot galvanizing provides a good protection against corrosion and does not require any special precausions during transport and handling.

Brackets for Return Rollers

Frames for return rollers.

HM410 Tracking Idler

The HM410 tracking idler is an excellent solution to prevent the return belt from shifting sideways. This tracking idler is designed to start centering the return belt immediately when the slightest center deviation appears. The centralizing effect is achieved by a special bearing unit inside the roller which simultaneously tilts and turns. The range of tracking idler range consist of two diameters, 159mm and 219mm and standard rollers are with 5mm rubber lagging.


Construction of the SE -bracket situating under the flange, gives a low and steady cross section to the conveyor. L-screw fastening makes the conveyor stronger in sideways and allows more load on the bracket. Macroeconomic of the bracket will be increased while putting the return idle on the same bracket, type D. Mostly used idler diameter with SE -bracket is D=108 and shaft diameters d=20 and 25. Bracket angles are 30° and 45°.

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