We are experts in materials handling and conveying technology in the mining and process industries, port terminals and power plants.

We design, manufacture and market products and services related to bulk handling from single conveyor components to equipment and complete systems, maintenance and modernisations.

Overland Conveyors

For longer distance conveying solutions we offer client specific Overland Conveyors. We have extensive experience with even one of the biggest and longest overland conveyors delivered worldwide. Where mobile transportation is not feasible, we can offer energy saving solutions. With our solid experience of high end conveying solutions you can count on our expertise.

Material Handling in Ports and Terminals

Whether you have bigger or smaller port or terminal you can find a project specific solution for material handling from us. We have experience in delivering overall systems consisting of train unloading feeders, conveying, screening, buffer storaging and all the way up until shiploading. From our project offering we can combine an economical overall solution to suit your specific needs including tailor-made conveyor systems and standard equipment for the entire chain of material handling.

Conveyor Systems in Open Pit Mines

We can offer existing and modularized conveyor solutions to create a unique and flexible conveyor system from the mine pit to the next process in material handling. With our solution you can save money and time with our expert solutions and optimized conveyor layout. We have a long experience with different heavy and abrasive materials. Each material transfer point is separately designed to ensure smooth material flow all the way.

Crushing Plant Systems

Over the years we have delivered crushing plant solutions which are tailored to fit customer’s specific layouts. With different ┬ákinds of process flow systems we can deliver the entire system starting from the design up until the ready installed equipment. Considering different material characteristics we will look after that your system works also with heavy duty environments.

Power Plant Conveying Solutions

In-plant and outside material handling systems need to be integrated together to secure undisturbed workflow throughout the process. With many different suppliers for power plant the project needs to have expert skills to manage and design the entire project with given restrictions. For reliable and efficient material handling equipment you should turn to us for a professional partner.

Sulphur Handling Systems

For decades we have delivered many projects to sulphur handling applications. With special attention to ATEX requirements our equipment have proven their functionality with these challenging conditions. We understand the special requirements with sulphur systems to help our customer enhance their productivity while maintaining safety throughout the entire process.

Pelletizing Plant Conveyor Systems

Pellet handling between process equipment needs a conveyor system which keeps the product as flawless as possible. In practice this means lower dropping heights in the transfer areas via chutes and re-circulation routes for screened material. With close co-operation with our client we can deliver fully functioning and optimized material handling solutions that fit together with the other process equipment in the plant.